Dig Deeper

I recently came across a quote in one of the blogs I was reading some days ago, and as concise as it seems it got me thinking hard. The quote read treasures do not lie at the surface. Moreover, as I carefully sought to understand this quote, it got more and more intense. From understanding the surface meaning of it, that you simply cannot find the treasure by digging a few feet into the ground, it began dawning on me that there was more to it than the eye could see and the mind could comprehend.

It got me thinking of how sometimes I do little things expecting big results, for example investing little time in my studies and later on expecting that the exam will be favorable to me. Watching trailers and thinking that I have watched the whole movie (this is debatable because it is sometimes more interesting to watch the trailer than the whole movie) and many other things I do with the hope of brighter days. I am sure am not alone in this, think about the things you have done knowing very well that they were not simply enough and still you expected to get the best out of them. Well, we are all human and we are bound to make mistakes, so it is only right to embrace those experiences and take lessons from them.

I am slowly coming to terms with what the quote means for me and how I live through life. Gradually I am learning that it is not enough to want to be great in life but there is a dire need to input in extra effort in what I do if at all I will want to see the great outcome. Although it may be time-consuming and tiring to give my best the result is worth all of it.  It is a wake-up call for me to ensure always that whatever I give it all I have however how minute it may seem.

It is also possible for you my dear reader to step up and ensure that you do your best and love whatever it is you are doing, regardless of whether or not there is any form of appreciation. Looking back at what you have achieved and knowing that you gave it your best is a feeling more compelling than any other.

Decide to work hard today no matter what the circumstances may be. In your workplace, school, home, office, and anywhere else you may be called upon to invest your time and effort, do it diligently. Remember you cannot find treasure on the surface, and this means that you cannot find success by just sitting and hoping.

Today Matters

We go through life with the hope that what we do today will help us in our later days, hoping that brighter days are coming. This is by all means very good and a healthy kind of living because without hope life would just be formless. It is right to look into the past and reflect on one or two things, and most certainly it seems right  to look into the future and hope for better days.

It is however important to live in the present and look at matters as they happen as this will largely influence what is to come. Living in today and making choices for the present would not hurt a bit in fact it shows just how strong you are in life. Tomorrow might be too late for us to do some things so it is just right that I do them now. As they say, there is no perfect condition so now is the perfect time and today is the perfect day to take action.

Do what you can today, and be happy for today.

I forgive you but…..

Moving on does not mean moving out and as much as the statement sounds logical, it does not portray the truth I am seeking to address today.

I have been pondering on the topic of forgiveness and the healing process,and I have come up with some ways to help rid my heart the heavy burdens it has carried for a while now.

A friend of mine put up a question on her status wall, and I found myself drawing into her dm to respond. The question was, is it possible to fully forgive a person and never want them to be part of life? It was not the first time I encountered such a question but now more than ever I realized that it is more of a statement to me than a question.

Because it is very true that sometimes even after making peace with the people who may have wronged you, you still do not have the courage to make them your friends or keep them around. This as I would like to think and in my humble opinion  does not come from a place of hate or range, but it is just a way of acknowledging that you know what you want and what not in your life.

The mere presence of the already forgiven character would be toxic and sometimes even stir up some sort of rage in you. Not that you have not moved on, but we are human, and moving on does not necessarily mean that we forget things, in fact the human mind never forgets a wrong done. What happens is that we find other thoughts to replace the hurt ones and just flow with life. Again these are just Maggy’s Thoughts and I stand to be corrected.

It is enough to forgive, and I strongly derive that it is certainly possible to forgive and never want to have anything to do with the person. Sometimes life is better with new people and memories in it. We can move on, we can forgive and we have the choice of letting go.

Can you my dear reader forgive and choose to not have anything to do with the person? Drop your thoughts here