Be Still and go through the process

I am not that much of a heavy sleeper, and so when my brother woke up today at around six am to watch TV I was very annoyed. I just do not understand how you can wake up that early and think of nothing else but watching TV loudly. It was rather annoying but when he tuned in to BBC (or so I think), the speaker drew my attention to listen in. It was Joe Biden, the US presidential Candidate.

Well, recalling all that he said would be a hard task for me, but even in my state of dizziness and annoyance, I could still remember him saying this, be still and go through the process. This I think would be the first most insightful thing to hear this morning apart from hearing my younger brother telling my mom that he is no longer four years old. This was insightful for me because as I thought about it, it dawned on me that the young man was somehow realizing that growth in time was taking place in him.

Now back to Joe Biden, the point I decided to take home was, going through the process. It had me thinking of how sometimes I pray and hope to start a new journey and whenever that happens, I always desire that it go by quickly so that I can start the next one and the cycle goes on.

I have often heard from one of my friends, Maggy, trust the process, and at that time, it makes no sense to me whatever she is saying. Now listening and thinking about two statements I feel like there’s more to it than just trusting and going through the process.

It means to me that I ought to stay and learn from every aspect of life, which now forms the process from one point to another. It means that there ought to be moments of learning, making mistakes, falling, rising, accepting, rejecting, and all these forms the process. Moreover, taking examples of my chemistry classes in high school, there was not any process that did not require serious analysis. I cannot just move from point A and go to C without going through B. Therefore, from this am deducing the importance of going through every step of every process I am going through.

Trust and go through the process of learning and growing.

Try putting all the pieces together to complete the process.

Dig Deeper

I recently came across a quote in one of the blogs I was reading some days ago, and as concise as it seems it got me thinking hard. The quote read treasures do not lie at the surface. Moreover, as I carefully sought to understand this quote, it got more and more intense. From understanding the surface meaning of it, that you simply cannot find the treasure by digging a few feet into the ground, it began dawning on me that there was more to it than the eye could see and the mind could comprehend.

It got me thinking of how sometimes I do little things expecting big results, for example investing little time in my studies and later on expecting that the exam will be favorable to me. Watching trailers and thinking that I have watched the whole movie (this is debatable because it is sometimes more interesting to watch the trailer than the whole movie) and many other things I do with the hope of brighter days. I am sure am not alone in this, think about the things you have done knowing very well that they were not simply enough and still you expected to get the best out of them. Well, we are all human and we are bound to make mistakes, so it is only right to embrace those experiences and take lessons from them.

I am slowly coming to terms with what the quote means for me and how I live through life. Gradually I am learning that it is not enough to want to be great in life but there is a dire need to input in extra effort in what I do if at all I will want to see the great outcome. Although it may be time-consuming and tiring to give my best the result is worth all of it.  It is a wake-up call for me to ensure always that whatever I give it all I have however how minute it may seem.

It is also possible for you my dear reader to step up and ensure that you do your best and love whatever it is you are doing, regardless of whether or not there is any form of appreciation. Looking back at what you have achieved and knowing that you gave it your best is a feeling more compelling than any other.

Decide to work hard today no matter what the circumstances may be. In your workplace, school, home, office, and anywhere else you may be called upon to invest your time and effort, do it diligently. Remember you cannot find treasure on the surface, and this means that you cannot find success by just sitting and hoping.

All is well

It will get better, it is already better, even when we cannot feel it somehow things are falling into place.

Trust the process and be ready for the journey. It may not be easy but as long as you are moving, as long as you are trying things will get better.

Faith as I have come to know, gives rest, believe today that things will go well with you. You cannot believe and worry at the same time, choose one.

Brighter days are coming, better times are yet to come, hold on to that hope and smile.

It will get better for you.

Pursuit for Purpose

Mark Twain once said that the two most important days in a human life are, the day he is born and the day he realizes why. This really got me thinking of how much I celebrate the day I was born. It feels so special and I think that’s exactly how it should be.  But I am not sure whether I really know why I was born, to make changes in the world maybe, be the change, influence the world around me, all of these could pass off as the reason why I was born. I may not know exactly what my purpose is for now and I am hopeful that the road am taking will lead me there. I am also hoping that you my dear reader are also in pursuit for your purpose.

Knowing what we were created for changes the whole manner of our living and being alive. You will no longer need to do things with fear and uncertainty and most importantly you will not have to waste your time on the wrong people or things. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were able to just wake up and do things knowing that whatever we are doing is what we should be doing? I know I would love to feel that. Sometimes it’s not easy to do things or pursue dreams especially when the road seems bumpy, and I have often times than not found myself opting for the easy way out.

The first step towards that journey is usually the hardest and I have had to learn this fact the hardest way. Not that I have taken all the first steps in life but the ones I have are a proof that the fear of the unknown is just in my head and that  I can do anything I put my mind to. I say this of course not being oblivious of the kind of real world we are living in. It only seems hard before you start it but after taking the leap of faith then the road seems clearer. 

The journey may not be easy but most important thing is that you tried and no matter how many the failures there maybe they are just a proof of the many trials and how much effort you put.

Tight? I could use Tighter!

I was walking home one evening with my younger brother who is about 4, and those with kids can assert that at this age a million questions are asked each day. But that is besides the point, as we were walking home from town we passed near a very big open sewer line and apart from the obvious foul smell that came from it, there was also the danger of one slipping and falling into the open ditch. My baby brother Jose, as we call him could not help but shout at me to hold his hand tighter. Not that I was not holding it but he just felt unsafe and kept ranting at me to tighten my grip around his tiny hands.

I did as he said and it was not until I reached home that I realized how much that meant. It was more than just me holding his hand tighter; it made him feel safer and he could now walk without any fear of falling into the open sewer line. To me this was a physical illustration of how sometimes words of assurance have no effect and there comes the need for something more; being held tighter. A hug is said to do wonders and more than anything think about what a tight embrace would do. It is not always easy to comfort of encourage people when they are in distress but just being there and holding their hands tighter does the magic for you.

Many, myself included have at some point felt the need to be alone or rather the need to not hear anyone say anything to you. Often times it is not that the person is being rude or anything, but they just need to be held and not only that but be held tightly. We can all admit that warm tight embraces are worth far more than a million words of comfort. Is not wonderful to know that no matter what happens there is someone holding your hand tighter and preventing you from falling? Well be that someone today and maybe tomorrow there will be dozens of hands ready to hold you tighter.

Motivation Monday {Love and strength}

“Imagine doing a job that you actually enjoy? I would love that.”

“I don’t have any hobbies. I would like to find time for a hobby that I enjoy.”

“I wish I had the time to do something that would give me self-satisfaction.”

Sound familiar? Sure it does. We all feel this way and even those that seem to have everything search for the return that doing something we enjoy gives us.

We look on this as a nice to have. Something that we must earn the right to or be privileged in order to have time for or to be lucky to have the opportunity to add to our lives. While it is true some of us have privilege that makes it easier for us, whatever the circumstance if you are able to do something that you love which uses your strengths you get energy from it.

This energy feels like the adrenaline injection you see in movies. It fills us with positive thinking and helps us feel in touch with who we are. I feel it every time I write or coach. We spend so much time disconnected from ourselves in this world and if you can find connection you will have the motivation and energy to do things that you don’t find time for living an ordinary life.

For most of us we don’t feel like going for a run after a long day at work where you are instructed to accomplish someone else’s goals. Where we are taught that achieving a promotion or pay rise is all we need for self satisfaction. When you get home your mind and body tell you that you need the numbness that only TV or something similar can give you.

The flip side is that we all know the feeling when we use a strength.

Some of us find this in moments at work and very few are lucky to have this in their work. If you do something you love to do, no matter how small or ‘draining’, it fuels you with energy that you can use in other areas of your life. You can run, you can be creative, and you enjoy it.

The results are incredible. Sometimes you need someone to stand for you when life isn’t letting you stand for yourself.

I want to leave this post with a caveat. We all have a battery that will drain. Don’t be surprised when it runs low. Aim to accomplish things when that battery is full. Use its energy wisely and when it drains, rest. It will fill up again if you recognise that you need to make time to do things for you.

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Let’s Handle this!

Its is just fair to find happiness when no one is offering it

How we handle moments in our lives is a very crucial part of our whole being and personal growth. I say this because being able to handle situations especially those which may seem to really weigh our spirits down, requires a learned mind. Now there is a whole difference between a learned mind and an educated one.

Whereas a learned mind is that which doesn’t have to acquired from books and scroll and that the field of learning varies, an educated one has just but a specific field of training. Understanding this is key to being able to deal with matters. Again I stand to be corrected.

There comes a time when things will not go as we expect no matter how much effort we may be enunciating. And it is at this point that we really have to be on the look out on how we will handle these situations. From a day gone bad, to a relationship gone sour, it doesn’t matter the circumstance because in this case it a bad bad moment in one’s life.

Apparently in most cases no one teaches us how to deal with bad days, or how to act if we get rejected, or even how to behave in general if what we are looking for in life doesn’t seem to want be found. It’s a rough journey many of us have to endure alone behind closed doors. And this is often times than not the case, we prefer to wallow in our dismays and most of the time we do it in places where not many will see us lest we be termed as being sensitive.

But what if we taught our minds that it is not always going to be ok and that at some point the river has to meander. That is okay not to be okay, it is alright to feel vulnerable. What if in our life the lessons taught goes hand in hand with those of how to deal with bad days. We are not being oblivious of the fact that we should always hope for the best, but even in the midst of hoping there comes a point where we feel like hope doesn’t work out at all.

It is said also in the Holy Bible  that “when you pass through the waters I will be with you”(Isaiah 43:2). What we are highlighting in the verse is the word when which is a conditional clause. The Bible doesn’t leave out the fact that we will go through trouble. So it true in life we will go through tough times, we will struggle, and most definitely we will all feel pain at some point. 

Just like the Bible says that the Lord will be with you when you go through the worst of moments, it is very important to  teach our minds that life cannot always go as we expect. There are bad days and there are good days. They are not always the same. And whether we like it or not we all have to go through all of them.