What drives me?

Keep going

Hey lovelies, happy day, happy Monday make sure you are happy, so today we’ll do things differently and I hope you’ll be up to it as much as I am. I love telling stories and I am certain that am very good at it too (at least it has been said to be me a couple of times, talk about self esteem and confidence ha-ha). And so with all that in mind I will give you a story as a prelude to what I want us to talk about today.  So a few days ago I was having a heated discussion with my girl Essie and this came after the demise of one of my all time actor and hero, Chadwick Bose man aka king Tchalla, famous for his role in the Wakanda movie, may his soul rest in peace. A discussion ensued about how sudden his death was and how much nowadays untimely deaths of famous people are on the rise.

This continued for a while until we found ourselves deep into the topic of depression and self acceptance which are the reported attributing factors in the rising cases of premature deaths among the youth and mostly artists in our country. This goes without saying that we were getting caught up in the moment but then still in the moments of wondering, Essie asked me a question that seemed rather easy on the surface but was when I tried to answer it I became tongue tied. The question was, “what keeps you going?”

This question caught me rather off guard but I had to answer it all the same. And one of my responses was that sometimes I don’t have to think about what I am doing and I just do it and to my surprise the outcome is not always that bad. This comes from a place of self encouragement and asking I the major question of, “what do I have to lose? Or what would happen if I tried something new? And the answer to this lies in me trying to do it because there would be no way to find out.

 Secondly, is the fact that there will always be people around me to support me, and no matter how small the number is, there is an inner peace that comes from knowing this. This may not always be a great factor to motivate me because sometimes we feel so empty yet we are surrounded by many great people. But all the same it is enough to keep me going. This again is dependent on the kind of people I choose to be by my side. If at all I am surrounded by toxic friends then I have absolutely no right to expect anything else than toxicity from them.

The final response I had was finding a platform or some sort of safe space where I can always pour out my heart and soul. I found my very own space on Maggie’s thoughts and what this means is that I can write anything and clear my head in the event that I had no way to explain to anyone what I am feeling/ going through. And I really do feel the need to have all the above factors in my life.

Identify what keeps you going which could be a constant thing (s), or a progressive one, but make sure there are intent and a motive behind what you are doing. What keeps you going?

Good luck as you figure it out.