Let’s Handle this!

Its is just fair to find happiness when no one is offering it

How we handle moments in our lives is a very crucial part of our whole being and personal growth. I say this because being able to handle situations especially those which may seem to really weigh our spirits down, requires a learned mind. Now there is a whole difference between a learned mind and an educated one.

Whereas a learned mind is that which doesn’t have to acquired from books and scroll and that the field of learning varies, an educated one has just but a specific field of training. Understanding this is key to being able to deal with matters. Again I stand to be corrected.

There comes a time when things will not go as we expect no matter how much effort we may be enunciating. And it is at this point that we really have to be on the look out on how we will handle these situations. From a day gone bad, to a relationship gone sour, it doesn’t matter the circumstance because in this case it a bad bad moment in one’s life.

Apparently in most cases no one teaches us how to deal with bad days, or how to act if we get rejected, or even how to behave in general if what we are looking for in life doesn’t seem to want be found. It’s a rough journey many of us have to endure alone behind closed doors. And this is often times than not the case, we prefer to wallow in our dismays and most of the time we do it in places where not many will see us lest we be termed as being sensitive.

But what if we taught our minds that it is not always going to be ok and that at some point the river has to meander. That is okay not to be okay, it is alright to feel vulnerable. What if in our life the lessons taught goes hand in hand with those of how to deal with bad days. We are not being oblivious of the fact that we should always hope for the best, but even in the midst of hoping there comes a point where we feel like hope doesn’t work out at all.

It is said also in the Holy Bible  that “when you pass through the waters I will be with you”(Isaiah 43:2). What we are highlighting in the verse is the word when which is a conditional clause. The Bible doesn’t leave out the fact that we will go through trouble. So it true in life we will go through tough times, we will struggle, and most definitely we will all feel pain at some point. 

Just like the Bible says that the Lord will be with you when you go through the worst of moments, it is very important to  teach our minds that life cannot always go as we expect. There are bad days and there are good days. They are not always the same. And whether we like it or not we all have to go through all of them.

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